Acadamosby Award
Oscar is the horse that we feel put us on the map.  I remember the first time I saw him.  I had been looking for a few months for a youth horse for Chelsea Knox, a 13 year old student.  I walked into the ring during the first go of the hunter under saddle at the 1993 AQHYA World Show in Fort Worth, Texas and instantly my eyes fell on "Oscar".  Instantly I knew he was the horse.  He was not just a great mover and beautiful, he also had an amazing presence and expression.  Jason came and watched him and we both agreed he was a special horse.  It wasn't until after the World Show that we worked the deal to buy him but to this day I think it was the best purchase we have ever made.  Oscar was so trainable and he never said no.  He always gave 110%.

We have so many great stories about Oscar.  We could write a book.  One of our favorites is one that I would even be sceptical of if it hadn't happened to me.  One of our customers had a psychic come out to talk to her horse that was kicking her trailer.  Jason and Chelsea decided to have her talk to Oscar.  Now this psychic was not told "who" Oscar was or any detail about him. She talked to Oscar and he hold her how happy he was, how he loved his trainers, his owners, and of course showing.  He then told her the only thing he didn't understand was why all the other horses got to walk by his stall (he lived in the first stall and was the only horse that could see the turnout arena) and got turned out daily and he never did.  We were shocked and saddened when she said that.  You see, Oscar had bad feet and had a horrible time keeping shoes on so we never turned him out.  It was early October 1998, just before Congress and World Show, we told her to tell Oscar that as soon as we got home from the World Show we would turn him out as long as he didn't run and pull shoes off.  We got home from the World Show where Oscar won his first AQHA Super Horse Title and started turning him out daily.  He never pulled another shoe off and to this day lives in his pasture with a full set of shoes!  Oscar lives with his old hauling mate, Conclusives Bar Cody.


Acadamosby Award

21 World Championships
16 Reserve World Championships
3 Super Horse Titles
1 Reserve Super Horse Title

Conclusives Bar Cody
"Milton" was a one of a kind horse.  We've never had another one like him.  He was huge and impressive.  He started his career as a hunt seat horse and Gigi Bailey was Reserve World Champion in Junior Hunter Under Saddle behind Oscar in 1993.  He learned to jump as a 4 year old and ended up with us at High Point in 1995 with his new owner Nancy Ann Alto (now Renfro).  He was possibly the most versatile and athletic horse I've ever ridden.  He could spin like a reiner and work horsemanship patterns with incredible speed and ability.  Nancy was the Congress All Around twice and was the All Around Amateur twice at the AQHA World Show.  Milton and Nancy were World Champions in Horsemanship (2 times), Equitation and Western Riding and Reserve World Champion in Hunter Hack, Showmanship, and Hunter Under Saddle.  One year at Congress he won Senior Western Riding, Senior Hunter Hack and Open Hunter Under Saddle Maturity.  Milton was unlike Oscar in that you had to work hard for everything on him, but it was always worth it.  We later sold him to Blair Gilbert for her last 3 years of youth.  Blair and Milton clicked and she was 1999 AQHYA World Champions in Hunter Under Saddle and was the Congress All Around Youth.  Milton enjoys his well deserved retirement at High Point. 


Conclusives Bar Cody

2 time Amateur Super Horse
Congress All Around Amateur
6 time AQHA World Champion
4 time AQHA Reserve World Champion


Artful Investment

5 time AQHA World Champion
2 time Reserve World Champion
AQHA Reserve Super Horse
2 time AQHA High Point Horse of the Nation
Multiple Congress Champion

Movin Artfully

5 time AQHA World Champion
2 time AQHA Reserve World Champion
AQHA Super horse
Multiple Congress Champion

Klusos Kandy Kisses

Winner of World Championships in Junior Trail, Junior
Hunter Hack, and Junior Working Hunter

photo by Harold Campton

Dont Ya Just Love It

2004 Reserve World Champion Senior Hunter Under Saddle
with Beth Case, 2005 World Champion Senior Hunter Under
Saddle with Beth Case, Reserve Congress Champion Youth
Hunter Under Saddle with Shelby Ratliff

photo by KC Montgomery

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